Brother Mário Martin Guia reinstalled in the Solomon Chair

This next Saturday, the 28th March 6009, the session of the Equinox of Spring of the Grand Legal Lodge of Portugal (Regular) is to be held in a central place in Lisbon. The session starts at 16:30h and includes in the agenda the investidure of Bro:. Martin Guia as the Most:. R:. Grand Master:. of our Obedience. Bro:. Martin Guia will fulfill a second term at the helm of our Grand Lodge reigning with mastery, wisdom and vision over the Portuguese Regular fraternity of more then 1200 masons. At the same time, the MRGM:. will designate the Grand Officers for the next two years and will attribute honorific distinctions. Delegations from Brotherly Grand Lodges are expected for the session. A dinner honouring the Ladies is scheduled for the closing.

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