Mosaic Pavement

At the centre of the temple a certain painting is designed formed of black and white square. It is one of the rare representations of duality in the world of freemasonry which is essentially based t in trinity.  In the mosaic pavement (pavimento mosaico, sometimes called checkered pavement) the white the Light and the Virtue and the black the darkness and the vices. Everything is manichean  in this symbol and there is no limit between the two colors, no separation between the squares. The white begins precisely where the black ends and vice-versa. We understand then that this mosaic obliges the freemason to fight against the facility, to restrict his passions. It is in the corners of the mosaic pavement that three columns are placed, columns which support the lights (candles) of the Scottish Rite. At the forth angle we need to figure an imaginary column that will complete the building. The mosaic pavement becomes, insofar, the heart of the temple. He concentrates the energy and will continue unfinished. 
The former representations of the mosaic pavement represent not only the small painting but the perspective taken from it. He becomes a three-dimensional symbol and gives the impression of infinity. When the works are performed, the mosaic pavement becomes a sacred place that is impossible to mistake. It is around it that the perambulations are preformed and the march is done obligatory in the direction of the arms' watch.  

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