Chinese New Year

A new Chinese New Year has arrived. This is dedicated to the Bull Ox, an animal perceived by its capacity to work and endeavor, and its patience. This is a good sign for the year in front of us. We, Freemasons, need to concentrate in making a better World, reinforcing the links with our communities and families. Be better Men, more trustful, available, tolerant, and skillful. We need to ponder ourselves in the construction of our temple: either inner, either external, and form Men of good temper that become leaders in their communities. We don’t need fame, and flashlight, but work and perseverance.
How can freemasonry help China to become a better country and enjoy, more openly, the goods of cosmopolitanship and free-will?
By alerting the best minds for the importance of spirituality as a fundamental complement to the physical and material dimension of Man. Without spirit and soul Man is nothing, it is a vacuous entity. The material dimension of Man doesn’t distinguish him from the other animals of the Creation. Basically: two legs, two arms, a body, a head toping it. But Man is more than that. It is spirituality, desire, passion, knowledge, intelligence and will. This is the hidden half of Man that China needs to discover. Because it isn’t in the collective, in the crowd. It is in the soul of every Man, in its individuality. All Men were born equal and have inalienable rights stresses a famous political statement of the 18th Century. This is something true in any part of the World, in the West and the East, in the North of the South. Because the planet is ours, is an Humanity good and needs to be shared with frugality and care.
Secondly, by emphasizing the sense of solidarity of chariness among the common people. Without looking at the other' difficulties, life in society is unreliable and vane. A helping hand is always needed for the poor, for those who suffer and are in needed; as in Sichuan, but also in other parts of China. This is one imperative dimension of masonic work. We, freemasons, don’t preach or convert; we are not a religion, a sect or a creed. We let this to others. But in the deepest core of our believes is this sense of "give to others" and "make good". In this sense, we share with the main religions of the Book the praising of the unexposed dimension of Man, its spirituality. This is something that China needs to rediscover. Returning to Confucius, but also to Budha. Looking at her roots where lays the wonder of China's civilization.

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