Freemasonry and Religion

What Masonric Brotherhood Offers that a Religious Community Frequently Doesn't
I frequently get asked about why I am a Mason by members of my religious community. This creates the internal question for myself, "What do I get out of Masonry that I don't get out of my association with other members of my religious community?" The answer is quite simple - Masonry deals with the mission of creating brotherhood and understanding among people of various political and religious beliefs. Religious communities are relatively homogeneous and deal with the propagation of specific doctrines. Masonry recognizes the value of religious belief, yet promotes a brotherhood of people of faith, regardless of the specifics of their beliefs.

Masonry may have originated in the Medieval guilds of stone masons in Europe, however the modern institution of Freemasonry sprang out of the social, political, and religious tumult resulting from the Reformation. The idea of a fraternity for believing men of any denomination was quite an appealing concept.

As time has moved on, Western countries have become far more open and tolerant to the diversity of religious and political beliefs. Is Masonry becoming irrelevant? Absolutely not. As society becomes increasingly culturally diverse, Masonry will continue to be relevant to the new generation of Masons.

Via Hibyan Hababis.

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