Franc-Maconnerie, the portal of French Freemasonry

Joseph Castelli organizes a very interesting site on Freemasonry and Freemasons in http://www.franc-maconnerie.org/. It appears divided in 8 parts: Histoire of Franc-Maconnerie, Obédiences, Rites, Symbolisme, Travaux, Hermétisme, Liens et Contacts. A first and very interesting item of instruction for the Entered Apprentices is the Constitutions of Anderson, the obligations and rules applied to the fraternity of Freemasons and codified by the protestant vicar more than 300 years ago. The importance of the Anderson's Constitutions to the Craft is not too much to be emphasized. They are the first repositoire of masonic moral that arrived to our age. Look here. Another point of interest is the summary of the three most important rites practiced in Continental Freemasonry: the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, the Scottish Rectified Rite and the French Rite. The first rite is quite known allover universal freemasonry but it should be acknowledge that it is practiced, differently, in Europe in compairison with the United States. Look here. The Scottish Rectified Rite is more unknown to english-speaken audiences, as it is a catholic rite, now receiving a growing adhesion in central and western Europe. Look here. The French Rite is retivally a residual rite, quite restricted to French Masons. The French Rite had great importance in the history of Portuguese freemasonry considering the traditional influence French culture has, for a longtime, in Portugal. Portugal was invaded and occupied by the Napoleon army during four years [1807-1811] and the Portuguese King, João VI, was forced to get refuge in Rio de Janeiro with the Portuguese court. The army of occupation press the Portuguese masons to recognize Napoleon as Grand Master of Portuguese freemasonry, pretension that was rejected. Look here. Another point of interest is masonic symbolism, which has major relevance in Continental freemasonry. Our English Brethren give rather greater importance to the integrity of the Ritual and the obligation they entitle to the memorization of the words. In continental freemasonry the knowledge of symbolism, its comprehension in all its consequences, has a remarkable role to play in instruction of the novices and along the progression of the Brethren throughout the Blue degrees. Franc-Maconnerie has a fair description of the main masonic symbols, here.
In conclusion, a very interesting site that deserves to be visited and appreciated.

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