Considerations on Freemasonry.

The arriving of the Autumn invite to elaborate in the meaning of the role that Freemasonry looks to achieve in this 21st century. The common oppinion is that freemasonry - as such - as nothing to stand for, just using the available time to perform its rituals and increase its members. A purpose that is common to other associations, creeds or obediences.
But in a more thin analysis, the sense and purpose of our presence in the profane world needs to be addressed, even though some part of us don't agree on this point. Common masonic oppinion requires that we don't have nothing to say in the profane world and Brethren that took this chance should assume an individual position and be to their own. The Order should not stand for them. Like Pilatos.
I believe that there is some cynism in this supposed neutrality in the profane world. During large part of its history, namely in the Enlightnment, freemasons stand and fight for the rights of Men; protect them in the constitutions they were asked to participate; or in the Declarations of Independence through which they look to declare their reasons to the Peoples of the World. They were not silent; or dumb; or blind; they stand for the human dimension of mankind and, vigorously, criticise the monarchs and the governments when the natural rights were stroke down or were perishing. Some of the most honorable and beautiful pages of our culture and civilization - the Declarations of Rights, the Charter of the United Nations, the most liberal Constitutions in the world were designed and drafted by masons.
Do they leave their condition of Sons of Light at the doorstep of their commitments? Do they need to betray these commitments in order they participate as citizens in the combats of the yesterday? Nothing allows us to accept it as evident facts.
We are entering a new age, in this century, as some of the outrageous and terrible conflicts and dramas of the past centuries are returning as threats to our pattern of life. Are we Freemasons required to be deaf or blind to these tragedies and crimes? It seems stupid or irresponsible to admit it.
We need to stand, again, for our position as an iluminated elite of Good and Responsible Men. A group of Men that love liberty, freedom, solidarity, brotherhood and tolerance. These were the combats of our forefathers. They are ours, now. Because the soldiers of Vice and Despair are coming back and prevailling within us. And we need to fight back. Before it is too late.

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