Past-Grand Master of GOL make remarks on freemasonry.

The Past-Grand Master of the Grande Oriente Lusitano - António Arnault has made interest remarks about the influence of Freemasonry in the Portuguese juridical system in a public session that commemorate the 90Th anniversary of the Court of Appeal of Coimbra [Central Portugal]. His lecture was entitled "The influence of Freemasonry in the Portuguese Legal System". The Past-Grand Master of GOL alluded that freemasonry was "full of opportunists" but is, globally, an association of "honorable men". António Arnaut added that the organization has participated [or inspired] "all the larger social and political reforms in Portugal, in the last 250 years", drooping his undisguisedly trace in the history of Portugal legal system. According with Arnault, the Portuguese Constitution of 1976 has much of "the masonic spirit", being draft by Constitutional legislators that were Freemasons and members of the centrist parties [the Socialist Party and the Social-Democrat party]. Commenting on the lack of influence nowadays, Arnault argued that this happens because in a stabilized democracy like the Portuguese the action of Freemasonry is less necessary. But differently that is presumed Judges that are masons don't intercede in favour of Brethren brought to Justice nor the masonic interrelations favored wedges, patronage, nepotism or traffic of influence. Nevertheless - he added - the organization has "a relevant role in society". The full report in Jornal de Notícias.

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