Fernando Pessoa [and Salazar]

António Apolinário Lourenço, researcher and professor of the School of Arts at the University of Coimbra [central Portugal] presents [click] his book "Contra Salazar" [Against Salazar], a book that collects poems, letters and essays of the most important Portuguese poet of the 20Th Century, Fernando Pessoa. Pessoa raised his voice in the newspaper Diario de Lisboa, [February, 4, 1935] against a bill proposed by a member of the then Portuguese National Assembly [José Cabral] that look to outlaw Freemasonry and other "secret societies". Something that will really happen from 1936 to 1974.
The connections between Pessoa and freemasonry are commonly discussed as unrealistic and untrue. Pessoa develop a platonic relationship towards esoterism and mysticism that are transparent in such beautiful poems as "O Quinto Império" [the Fifth Empire]. Never initiated in the Royal Art, Pessoa was as very sensitive man close to the values, principles and symbolism that inspire traditional and deist freemasonry. But it will abusive to say that he was mason in spirit or a oppositor to Salazar. He was a shy and humble man, far away from the social and intellectual circles he detested. The universality of its poetry lies, here, in its intimacy and inner self struggle against what he felt as unfair or vicious. The books is another look to Pessoa personality, has 146 pages and is published by Angelus Novus Editora. The author will be presented by António Arnault, past-Grand Master of the Grande Oriente Lusitano.

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