Tenets of Freemasonry

The three tenets of a Freemason's profession are Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. It may be said that Truth lays in the Column of Wisdom, whose rays penetrate and enlighten the inmost recesses of our Lodge. Brotherly Love lays in the Column of Strength, which binds us as one family in the indissoluble bond of fraternal affection. Relief lays in the Column of Beauty, whose ornaments, more precious than the lilies and pomegranates that adorned the pillars of the porch, are the widow's tear of joy and the orphan's prayer of gratitude. The vows that bind all Freemasons together represent the strength of these tenets. In these years of moral relativism and egotism Freemasonry may guard, as an elite group, the original sense of these ancient virtues.

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