General Assembly of the Grand Legal Lodge of Portugal

The habitual session of Autumn of the Grand Legal Lodge of Portugal is schedule for the end of September somewhere in Lisbon. This a major occasion for the gathering of the speculative workers of our Obedience and for the betterment of the construction of our interior temple and our improvement as Men free and off Good Report. Our M:.R:. G:.M:. Mário Martim Guia will preside to the works and will enlighten with his wisdom, rectitude and guidance the work every Lodge and Triangle dedicates to the Glory of the Creator that we call GAOTU. In the last masonic year, GLLP has consolidate itself has the sole Regular Obedience in Portugal, recognized allover the world and counting more then 80 Lodges and Triangles, and more then 1200 workers, spread from mainland Portugal to Madeira, Azores, Africa, Brazil and Asia. The esoteric and liturgical character of freemasonry we practice between columns may probably be considered odd by people still associating Freemasonry with republicanism, liberalism and overthrown of monarchies. We look to do it the other way around, being loyal of the laws of the land, respectful of the legitimate authorities, and humble to the cultures and people who protect freemasonry. We hope to create a new understanding of our purposes and activities, extracting the grip of conspiracy that a part of the public opinion insists in associating to us. Diligently we have be present in the great challenges of world peace, helping to arbitrate the talks between Israel and the Arab World, or between East Timor and Indonesia, to name two cases helping to solve the great rifts of instability in the world. Our motto is Peace, Justice, Law and Rightfulness.
The Brethren of the Triangle Light of the Orient raise their prays to all masons that are - in this occasion - traveling around the world and supplicate to God, our Creator, to help them in returning safe to their homes and to the love of their families. To the Brethren of all Lodges of the Grand Legal Lodge of Portugal gathering in meeting, in late September, we wish a productive meeting, new advancements in freemasonry in polishing the rough stone that still lays within ourselves and let us consolidate as Men of Honor and Moral. So mote it be.

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