Ancient Mysteries

(...) There is a great and glorious reality in the background of all the time, ever pressing towards realization, and employing whatever channels are available for its manifestation. Whatever can be used is always used to the very fullest extent, and none fear that is overlooked. It is obvious, however, that where the Brethren think more of gratifying its own vanity that on the Hidden Work, where they spend their time in banqueting and revelry and curtail the sacred ritual in order they may adjourn to the South, they are less worthy channels in the Divine Glory that the more spiritual Brethren who are willing to study and understand. All that time the GAOTU is watching: He sees the slightest endeavor of the Craftsmen to serve, and He will pour forth His wondrous power just in so far the Brethren become worthy of it.
C.W.Leadbeater, Freemasons and its Ancient Mystic Rites.

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