It is said that a building requires good foundations to resist any chock and persist per years. The same occurs with a masonic lodge. The foundations are the basis of the construction of the phisic temple and the raising of the interior temple build by freemasons - by ages- for the Glory of the Grand Architect of Universe. But as any phisical construction the building of a moral temple requires patience, preserverance and determination. It is common to hear from more senior masons that freemasonry has somehow loose its touch and hardly gives - nowadays - answers to the RELEVANT problems posed by a society in rapid transformation and full of challenges. There is some reason in this argument. Brethren with more experience commonly bet in the recreational aspects of freemasonry rather that passing to the newcomers the antient and intellectual philosophical foundations of the Royal Art. Freemasonry has become in recent years more a pretext for gathering and amusing around a meal or some drinks than a pathway for human improvement. What is phrased as "the praising of virtue and the combat of vice". Some of the guilt should be pointed out to those who have gave up to inovate, that prefer the parroting of the ritual than the discussion of the ideas and principles that are enclosed in it. Asking around it is rare to find Lodges that instruct new candidates in the esquisite and most distinct esoteric traditions of freemasonry. It is a pity and probably a shame. This needs to be changed urgently. In order that freemasonry keeps its actuality and appeal for the new generations.

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