(...) It is my privilege to use this masonic mean of communication that was created by me during the tenure of our first Grand Master, Fernando Teixeira, as the first web page of our Grand Lodge, to address my Brethren in the eve of the installation and consecration of our new Grand Master (...). I will be present in the ceremony as I was in the first transmission of masonic regularity from the then Provincial Grand Master for Portugal, dependent to the Grand Loge National Française to our elected Grand Master of the GLRP. Three are the words that I look in this occasion to transmit to you all. First, a word of trust. Trust in our Grand Lodge, in our Brethren that have chosen as Grand Master, for the first time, someone who was initiated among us, that in a dedicated fashion pursue a solid and non-intermeted masonic career; someone that has a distinguished profane curriculum. Second, a word of encouragement. Encouragement for those who have honored our sacred past, to the generations that have served it, an encouragement to make more in spreading our Order, his values, his achievements and his heritage. Third, a word of solidarity. Solidarity to those who search the paths of Light among us, and to those we set ajar the door and extend an hand of trust. Solidarity for those who are far away, but loyal to our Portuguese heritage and deserve the continuation of our efforts in Africa, in Brazil and close to many Portuguese expatriate communities. Solidarity to those that believing in the superior values of Universal Freemasonry, deserve not to be disappointed by our masonic endeavour or by our efforts in the profane world. Three words coming from my heart, inspired by the spirit of who was, is, and will be a servant of the masonic spirituality, of our Brethren, and our legal support organization, at a national or international level, without any demand of nobleness, position or episodic privilege...(...) Lisbon, March 2004. LNC.

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