On Legitimate Governments and Authorities

The Anderson's Constitutions on
A Mason is a peaceable Subject to the Civil Powers, wherever he resides or works, and is never to be concern'd in Plots an Conspiracies against the Peace and Welfare of the Nation, nor to behave himself undutifully to inferior Magistrates; for as Masonry hath been always injured by War, Bloodshed, and Confusion, so ancient Kings and Princes have been much dispos'd to encourage the Craftsmen, because of their Peaceableness and Loyalty, whereby they practically answer’d the Cavils of their Adversaries, and promoted the Honour of the Fraternity, who ever flourish’d in Time of Peace. So that if a Brother should be a Rebel against the State he is not to be countenanced in his Rebellion, however he may be pitied as any unhappy Man; and, if convicted of no other Crime though the Loyal Brotherhood must and ought to disown hi Rebellion, and give no Umbrage or Ground of political Jealousy to the Government for the time being, they cannot expel him from the Lodge, and his Relation to it remains indefeasible.
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Freemasons are respectfull members of the communities whenever they live in their native country or abroad. They don't participate, as such, in insurrections or plots against governments. Nevertheless, as Men of honor and Justice, directed by their conscience, they have the right to resist opression, criticize unjust laws or behaviours and the restriction of human rights by toughful tyrans. In several times in the 20th Century, and before, Freemasons were persecuted, jailled or sentenced to death. Under nazism, stalinism and other paria regimes they suffer as other free men. So they entitle to resist and desobey as individuals when the limits of tolerance are overpassed.

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