Freemasonry. Symbols, Secrets, Significance.

FREEMASONRY. SYMBOLS, SECRETS, SIGNIFICANCE. W. Kirk MacNulty, London, Thames & Hudson, 2006. Hardback, 320 pages, £24.95. ISBN 0-500-51302-3
(...) This book is such a delight, both visually and intellectually, that I need to come to the point immediately: buy it, read it, lend it to your friends. Kirk MacNulty is well-known to those who seek a closer acquaintance with the ancient mystical spiritual tradition which lies at the heart of Freemasonry and with this exuberantly illustrated book he has proved himself a true teacher, well able to simplify our rich tradition in order to intrigue and enthuse both masons and non-masons. The excellent photographs - many taken by Painton Cowen - are evocative and MacNulty’s captions explain the symbolism simply and expertly, exploring their use in the Temple as well as their moral or mystical meaning. (...)

From a review from Michael Baigent aceeded via http://www.freemasonrytoday.com/39/p18a.php

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